Jaclyn Davis C.M.T. 

Body Centered Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage~   A great way to relax while releasing tension and stress. This massage incorporates different techniques to reduce pain, whether it be pain in your hips, tight shoulders, or lower back pain.


Condition Specific~  This will help target severe or chronic pain that you might be experiencing from a previous injury, or structural related problems.  This can help treat plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, or rotator cuff injuries.

Deep Tissue~ Deep tissue is firm to deep pressure, accessing the deep layers of muscles and fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that stabilizes, encloses and separates the muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy~ involves the application of pressure to tender muscles that send referring pain to other areas of your body.

Prenatal Massage~ includes a wide range of physiological and emotional benefits. This massage can help to alleviate stress on weight bearing joints, and help many of the discomforts you might be experiencing.

Hot stone coming soon!